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About us

French Flair is an independent import business and wine merchant based in Sydney;

It was founded and it is owned and managed by Christophe Rebut, winemaker and sensory analyst.

Christophe was born on a winery in Beaujolais, just north of the city of Lyon, France.

His family has been involved in the wine industry for 5 generations and it was logical for him to follow a path in wine.

His career led him in different fields from vineyard management and winemaking to sales.

French Flair was created in 2009 from a wide knowledge and experience in both Australia and France, a solid network but most importantly passion.

French Flair offers a selection of wines, ciders, spirits and liquors from all over France.

​All our products are personally selected and from boutique producers including some of the most prestigious.

They are qualitative, exclusive and most importantly reflect the place they come from.

All products are imported in refrigerated containers and stored in our temperature controlled warehouse at 14°C to maintain their pristine condition.

French Flair is your French wine specialist in Australia.

About us: À propos de nous
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