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Wine Producers

Here are all our personally selected producers classified by region.

All products are imported and stored at 14°C to bring them to you in pristine conditions.

We are proud to import and offer them to the Australian market.

Just a few facts about France's wine industry:

- Vineyards date back to 600 BC

- 750,000 ha of vines (1,853,290 acres) which represents 11% of the world’s vineyards

- 47% of French vineyards are the 363 AOC's (AOP in EU), 28% are the 74 IGP and 17% are used to produce fine spirits.

- 85,000 wineries with 57% independent producers

- about 4.2 billion litres of wine are produced each year which represents 17% of the world's production (75% of still wines, 17% of fine spirits and 8% of sparkling wines)

- 10 million oeno-tourists per year (42% are international)

Wine Producers: Bienvenue
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