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Other Products and Producers
Ciders - Mistelles - Spirits - Liquors

French Flair also directly imports from producers in France, a range of boutique and high quality products other than wines.
They are all hand selected from family owned estates that show their passion and taste for their terroir and products.


Domaine Dupont
Pays d'Auge, Normandy

Organic producer

The Dupont family's estate consists of 30 hectares of apple orchards in Normandy, in the heart of the Pays d'Auge area.

Searching for the highest possible quality, the estate practices are inspired by winemaking and Cognac to produce Ciders and Calvados that are authentic and refined.  

"One of the most highly regarded producers" Jason Wilson, The New York Times


Pommeau de Normandie



Domaine Drouet

Grande Champagne, Cognac

Sustainable producer

Cognac Drouet's philosophy is that you can't make great Cognac without quality grapes.

All the production is from their own 40ha vineyards in the best terroir of Cognac, Grande Champagne.

All steps are done in house from vineyard work, winemaking, distilling, ageing, blending to bottling.

Drouet Cognacs are the perfect representation of single estate Cognacs.

They also produce equally exceptional Pineau des Charente and Vin de Liqueur

"Domaine Drouet is amongst the gems of Cognac" Jean-Charles Chapuzet, Le Point

Pineau des Charentes

Vin de Liqueur



Maison Jacoulot

Romanèche Thorin, Burgundy

Maison Jacoulot was created in 1891 by Vincent Jacoulot who started distilling and making Marc de Bourgogne.
Today, it is owned and managed by Philippe Vançon and his wife Anne.
They perpetuate the tradition of making products of excellence but also innovating without losing authenticity.
All products are matured for a very long time to make the finest quality spirits and liquors.
Then, they are meticulously blended for complexity, style and finesse.

Marc de Bourgogne
Fine de Bourgogne
Fruit Liquors & Cream
Ratafia de Bourgogne
Eaux de Vie de Fruits
Rum Agricole of Martinique
Scotch Whisky, Highlands
Absinth & Pastis


Clos Saint Vincent
Nice, Provence

Biodynamic producer

As well as making exceptional wines (see Provence), Gio Sergi produces some wonderful Marc de Bellet from Rolle variety on the hills behind Nice on the French Riviera.

Marc de Bellet

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