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Provence: Articles

Clos Saint Vincent

Julien & Gio Sergi

Biodynamic producer
Clos Saint Vincent is the best estate of the tiny Bellet appellation in Nice's metropolitan area on the French Riviera.
This unique steep terroir, mostly set in terraces is influenced by both the Mediterranean Sea and the Alpes.
The wines are rare and exquisite from endemic varieties such as Braquet and Folle Noire.
Gio Sergi and his son Julien are admirably running this 10ha property since 1993.

IGP des Alpes Maritimes


Domaine Ray-Jane

Constant Family

Organic producer

Domaine Ray-Jane is one of the oldest estates of France dating back to 1288.

Old vines have a real meaning here and are up to 130 years old with a third of the 30ha property being a century old.

The vineyards in terraces are run like a garden and have always been organic.

Work is mostly done by hand and is respectful to tradition and nature.

At Ray-Jane, wines are truly made in the vineyard. They are intense, authentic, show  personality, and are worth ageing. 

IGP du Mont Caume



Château La Valetanne
Lucie Jolivet

Organic producer
Situated in La Londe les Maures along the Mediterranean Sea across from the famous Porquerolles Island.
A small estate for the area with only 14ha of vineyard. There is no compromise here and everything is done to produce very high quality wines.
Typically Provençal, the rosés are pale in colour with intensity and finess. The white and red are equallly wonderful.

IGP du Var
Côtes de Provence
Côtes de Provence La Londe


Vignoble Benoit - Mas de Longchamp

Fabrice Benoit

Organic producer

IGP Bouches du Rhône

IGP Alpilles

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